• PIZZ’UP! Express

PIZZ’UP! Express

A pizza place in Cartagena, Colombia.


The client needed a new identity and a coherent strategy to organize all of their advertising pieces and brand communications. The opening of a second lodging option would double its capacity in a new environment with a new target audience, and the expansion of its Convention Center, required a marketing strategy that, while separating each of the new sections with separate marketing efforts, maintained a unified message for the entire hotel and with its brand identity. New restaurants, gym and Spa, should also be marketed under these same parameters. The hotel needed a 180ᵒ turn to online marketing, Social Media and Website. The positive changes that took place in Colombia in the last decade, allowed to sell the destination Cartagena, as a first choice in the Caribbean.


We created a fun, modern and happy brand identity for the place, creating a fun environment for the consumers, some of them even thought it was an international chain because of its successful brand identity. Due to its success, the client opened a second location in the city.